Supernova Sleepover 

We offer the Ultimate Slumber party Experience in the comfort of your home.

We style it out with our Indoor A-Frames, Outdoor Bell Tent & Luxury Party Picnic table! 

Choose a date and theme and let us do the rest.

We set up and pack up making it hassle free for busy parents.

Our luxury tents are all CE certified and we only choose the best quality accessories to make it all come to life to inspire imaginations .

We strive to deliver something unforgettable a shared experience for family & friends!

Covering Colchester , Essex and surrounding areas.


Indoor & Outdoor Glamping

Choose where to Sleep 

In our CE certified Indoor A-Frames or Outdoor Bell Tent

Choose your theme  

Or mix them up ! 

Through the Forest, Over the Rainbow, Into Boho, Around the Tropics, Under the Ocean or Spellbound!

Choose your date 

We will perfectly plan your party  

Creating a place where Imaginations run wild

Now available 


Luxury picnic table - For Indoor or outdoor, Day or overnight hire! 


Standard package- 4 A-Frame Tents :£150

Bell Tent hire- £240 for 24 hour hire


Available now! 

A Haunted Dream 


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Colchester, Uk

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